Spend A Night In The Box
Time Bomb Recordings, March 21st 2000

Track Listing
1. Spend A Night In The Box
2. Big D Boogie Woggie
3. Sleeper Coach Driver
4. The Girl In Blue
5. Sue Jack Daniel's
6. Hand It To Me
7. I'll Make Love
8. It Hurts Your Daddy bad
9. The Bedroom Again
10. King
11. Whole Lotta Baby
12. The Millionaire
13. Unlucky In Love
14. The Party In Your Head

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Jim "Reverend Horton" Heath: Vocals, guitar
Jimbo Wallace: Upright bass, backing vocals
Scott Churilla: Drums, backing vocals

Tim Alexander: Piano on "Sleeper Coach Driver," Piano and organ on "Hand It To Me" and accordian and bajo quinto on "Unlucky In Love"

Produced by Paul Leary
Mixed by Paul Leary and Stuart Sullivan
Engineered by Stuart Sullivan
Recorded by Brian K. Gardner at Bernie Grundman Masterning, Hollywood, CA
Artwork by Jolie Clemens
Photography by Jennifer Broussard
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Spend A Night In The Box Front Cover

Back Cover
Spend A Night In The Box Back Cover